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Das Diabetes-Zentrum und behandelnde Ärzte

Da Diabetes (Zucker) im Zusammenhang mit anderen Erkrankungen gesehen werden muss, arbeitet das Diabetes-Zentrum eng mit behandelnden Ärzten (Hausärzte, Frauenärzte) und weiteren Spezialisten, etwa Ökotrophologen (Ernährungswissenschaftlern), der Adipositas-Chirurgie am Stiftungsklinikum Mittelrhein und dem Kinderwunschzentrum Neuwied (Polyzystisches Ovarialsyndrom) zusammen.

Im Haus selbst befindet sich die hausärztlich-internistische Praxis Dr. Landers. Sie ist an das Diabetes-Zentrum angeschlossen und übernimmt die internistische Klärung im Zusammenhang mit den Schulungen.

Mit den vorliegenden wissenschaftlich fundierten Artikeln, die zum Teil auch mehrfach in der Presse erschienen sind, können Sie sich über Nährstoffe, Grundfuttermittel, ernährungsbedingte Erkrankungen und Gesundheitsprobleme informieren.

Die Artikel wurden gründlich recherchiert und es wurde sehr viel Arbeit in den logischen und sinnvollen Aufbau der einzelnen redaktionellen Beiträge gesteckt, um dem Leser auch schwere Sachverhalte einfach zugänglich zu machen. Erforderlich hierzu ist ein hoher Grad an ernährungsphysiologischem Wissen und ein nicht zu unterschätzendes Quantum Erfahrung im Bereich der Fütterung.

Daher werden Plagiate sofort und unnachgiebig rechtlich verfolgt. Dies gilt auch dann, wenn der logische Aufbau kopiert wurde. Ebenso gilt dies für frühere oder in anderen Portalen veröffentlichte Artikel. Eine Verwendung der Artikel oder Auszügen muss zitiert werden und ist mit der Verfasserin abzusprechen.

2011 Sierndorf, Anton Schwarz-Gasse 38, Tel. 02267/22 40, Fax: 22 40-20, E-Mail: zentrale [at]

Ordination: Mo 7.00 - 11.00 Uhr und 16.00 - 17.00 Uhr (nur für Berufstätige), Di, Do und Fr: 7.00 - 11.00 Uhr.

Mutterberatung: jeden zweiten und letzten Dienstag im Monat, 13.00 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr.

Dr. Nadja Elisabeth Lach-Matoni, Fachärztin für Zahnheilkunde

2011 Sierndorf, Wienerstraße 8, Tel. Nr.: 02267/2401

Ordinationszeiten: Mo 9:00-16:00, Di 9:00-16:00, Do 11:00-18:00, Fr 9:00-13:00,

Mi nach telef. Vereinbarung

Zahnarzt-Notdienst: Samstag, Sonntag und Feiertag von 8.30 Uhr bis 11.30 Uhr, Info unter Tel. 141

Dr. Alexander Rottmann

Facharzt für Orthopädie und orthopädische Chirurgie, gerichtlich beeideter Sachverständiger, fliegerärztlicher Sachverständiger,Sportarzt.

Wahlarztordination: 2011 Sierndorf, Schlossstraße 3

Tel. 02267/ 301 32 0676/542 67 43

Termine (donnerstags) nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

Schwerpunkte: Sportmedizin, Manualtherapie (Chiropraxis), Endoprothetik, Kinderorthopädie, Säuglingsuntersuchung, Homöopathie, Infusionstherapie, stationäre Operationen, ambulante Operationen.

Michaela Überreiter

Fußpflege und Massagen
Akupunktmassage nach Penzel, Fußreflexzonen, Ohrakupunktur, Dyn. Wirbelsäulentherapie,
Diabätische Fußpflege, Bachblütenberatung

2011 Sierndorf, Gartenweg 26, Tel. 02267/34 55

Termin nur nach telefonischer Vereinbarung.

Dr. med. vet. Christine Plattner

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It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure relevant visas are obtained where necessary. Sunsail cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry or travel due to lack of visas. If you are in any doubt please contact your Embassy for full details.

Please note country entry/exit requirements are subject to change. Please check for the latest information before you leave. Sunsail is not accountable for any requirement changes.

Before leaving the airport, you will have to clear Immigration and Customs.
A landing card will be given to you on the plane, along with a Customs declaration form. It is not possible to take fresh food into most Caribbean islands and airlines will assume no liability for perishable articles that may be confiscated by Customs.

Departure Tax: Persons 13 years of age and older are required to pay EC $50 (US $20). Departure tax for persons from 5 to 12 years of age is EC $25 (US $10). Children under 5 years are exempt. Visitors remaining on the island for less than 24 hours are not exempt from paying the departure taxes - only in-transit passengers are exempt.

Customs is located across the bay at the Grenada Yacht Club. This is less than a 2 minute dinghy ride.

In line with local regulations yachts arriving from outside Grenada or Carriacou will need to clear in with Customs and Immigration at a port of entry.
These are:
Port Louis Marina
Grenada Yacht Club, St Georges
Grenville, St Andrew
Grenada Marine, St David’s Bay
Prickly Bay Marina
Carriacou Yacht Club, Tyrell Bay
Hillsborough, Carriacou

Inward clearance must be completed by the skipper before any other crew member lands. Four copies of the crew list are required; these can be completed in advance.
Outward clearance is also required from Grenada to ensure being able to clear in to the next country to be visited. Yachts should depart within 24 hours of clearing out. The Customs and Immigration offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 11:45am and 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and from 8:00am to 1:30pm at the weekend.

Your yacht will be ready at 6:00pm for boarding. The first evening is a sleep aboard where you have the time to unpack provisions and settle into the boat.
If you arrive before 5:00pm you may request a briefing for that same day. If you arrive after 5:00pm, your briefing will take place the following morning after the chart briefing. The yacht briefing introduces you to your yacht, its systems and rigging. It is carried out individually for each yacht. It is important that all systems and equipment are fully understood. Briefings are mandatory.
Chart Brief – There will also be a chart briefing if you arrive before 4:00pm, you may request a briefing for that same day. If you arrive after 4:00pm, your briefing will take place the following morning at 9:00am
The chart briefing describes the cruising area and any potential hazards.

Staff stay late for late arrivals.

All charters end at 11:00am at which time the boat must be returned and ready for debriefing and checks.

Before departing your boat you will need to collect a debrief form from reception.
The debrief form is to let us know if you encountered any problems with the boat or broke anything during your trip, this enables us to rectify problems for the next charter.

In addition to filling in forms we also require you to bag your dirty laundry and leave it in the cockpit, empty all cupboards and fridges of food and throw away, return snorkel gear and any lifejackets borrowed from reception and ensure that the boat is handed back to Sunsail in a clean and tidy state. We reserve the right to charge clients for boats left less than shipshape.

Grenada is a Level 3 sailing area.
Experience levels are based on sailing conditions and the length of passages within your chosen sailing area. Follow the link for more information on the sailing conditions. This rating scale is designed as a guide based on the prevailing conditions during the most popular season.

Although no sailing licenses are required for cruising in Grenada, we strongly advise that you take any sailing certification on vacation with you. This may be useful should you be contacted by Customs or Port Police. If you have not already done so then Skipper and 1st Mate will be required to fill in a Sailing resume to confirm that you have the necessary skills to sail in this region.

There is a cruising tax when entering Grenada which is valid for 30 days.
You must clear customs as you pass through each country and fees are associated with the clearing process. If you sail from Grenada into St. Vincent and the Grenadines then a $35ec per person cruising tax is collected by the customs agent

Night Sailing is not permitted; you must be moored at least one hour before sunset at all of our locations.

This information is covered in the chart briefing.
The area around Soufriere and the Pitons in St. Lucia is a national park with restrictions on anchoring.
All windward sides of the islands should be kept well clear of.
The Tobago Cays is restricted from the south side due to the large number of coral heads in the channel which are difficult to see.
In all bays, anchor with caution to avoid damaging coral or sea grass beds.
Anchoring is not allowed off Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Need to anchor at least 2 miles away from beach.
Blue Lagoon in St. Vincent has a difficult entrance and is best avoided.

BVI: - All the British Virgin Islands, including Anegada and US Virgin Islands.
For Bareboat Charter with Sunsail Crew. No sailing in US Virgin Islands and Spanish Virgin Islands. To sail with St Martin boat to Guadeloupe/Martinique, please check with your sales agent if the boat has the necessary flag/registration (French/Octroi De Mer)

Rest of Caribbean: No further than 20 miles out from Puerto Rico to Grenada,
excluding Montserrat, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago
There are some other restrictions throughout the whole Caribbean, which are detailed in the Caribbean Introduction section.

None. Mooring Balls in this area are not recommended as they tend not to be well maintained. However, those in Dragon Bay are government placed and recommended.

More information on the sailing in this area.

All the charts and pilot books you will need for the sailing area are on board the yacht.

The skipper’s time is booked from 12:00pm to 12:00pm in 24-hour periods. If you have reserved him for the first day of your charter and have a 6:00pm start, he will use this time to ensure he is happy with all aspects of the yacht and will be at the base to meet you upon your arrival. If you have reserved him for a later date on your charter he will start at 12:00pm on that day.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the yacht at all times. He is not permitted to dive with you, nor leave the vessel overnight. He must conduct a safety brief with you before leaving the dock regardless of the duration of his contract with you.

For “check out charters” (anything less than the full duration of the charter) the checkout skipper’s time is booked from 6:00pm to 6:00pm to allow for a meet and greet in the evening and go over basic systems, then a full day with you the next day. This skipper is required to give you a thorough briefing on all aspects of the yacht and dinghy in addition to assisting you with planning an itinerary for the trip and advising you how to contact the base, the return to base procedures and the emergency assistance procedures. It is suggested that you attend the scheduled chart brief that will be supplemented by the skipper during his time with you on the yacht. It is also suggested that you make it clear exactly what you want to cover…anchoring, docking, etc.

The skipper will be required to give you as much information as you require concerning the yacht and its systems, sailing skills and navigation in general.

The skipper fee does not include food or beverages for the skipper and are the responsibility of the client. It is suggested that you discuss this on the first day with the skipper and establish whether you will give the skipper cash for meals, whether you have included him in your provisioning or whether you will accommodate him as part of the group for meals ashore.

The skipper must have his own cabin. We prefer not to put the skipper in the bow due to the shared head and size of the cabin. If you expect him to stay in the bow, please let us know well in advance so that we can choose the appropriate (small) skipper.

For one-day check out skipper’s it is your responsibility to get the skipper back to the base. If you prefer not to come back to the base you must pay for his expenses (ferry, taxi, etc.) to get him back to the base.

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The Wellness Show -- (Global Ideas Bank) Excerpts from interviews and other sources.

Nasal Diplomacy: A Funny Route to Peace -- "When I picture a Geneva talk I realize I must accept a Reagan and a Gorbachev as part of the team; but what if each of them brought their favorite silly person. I believe it would ease tension and open all up to vulnerability and commonality. Lighten up, world! Consider a career in nasal diplomacy."

Windhorse Associates -- Recovering From Psychosis at Home

"For all of its wonder drugs and dazzling technology, the medical profession seems to have strayed from the art of healing. Enter Patch Adams, doctor, clown and firm believer in the healing powers of humor, joy and simple listening. Decked out with a rubber nose and a silly hat, Patch practices free, fun-filled medicine at the Gesundheit Institute, where laughter is the rule and payments are the exception. His book very clearly points out the problems inherent in our current medical system: the slavery to money and technology, the myth of doctors as gods, and the removal of the human element. He then paints a picture of the ideal medical practice where doctor and patient relate as friends, where health and wellness are an integral part of community life, and where love and joy run through it all. I must confess that I have absolutely fallen in love with Patch just from reading his book. His idealism, love of life, sense of fun and commitment to helping build healthy, supportive, joyous communities rise out of the pages like a deep belly laugh. A truly delightful read!"

From The WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women; review by FGP, February 1, 1997

A courageous and dynamic healer and role model, Patch Adams guides us through difficult times while sharing insights into how we can encourage each other to feel healthier and happier. He also offers moral support and help for dealing with grief, depression, and loss.

"The greatest shortcoming of modern medicine is the loss of the house call. It is the biggest blow to the art of medicine in this centur y. Not only have patients lost their doctors' precious attention, but physicians have not found a replacement for this close relationship in hospital settings." "Having a meaningful connection to one's patients is crucial for the prevention of burnout."

Adams recommends that we all spend more quality time visiting our loved ones who are ill or depressed. Spending more time with loved ones -- and even visiting people whom we don't know -- does a lot to help them feel better emotionally and physically. In addition to encouraging such visits, Patch offers practical advice for making these visits enjoyable and fulfilling for both the patient and visitor. He provides tips for promoting our own healing and advises that we extend our compassion out to our communities as well.

Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression: Stories and Exercises from the Arts for Those With Chronic Illness -- John Graham-Pole, Forward by Patch Adams

"As patients and practitioners challenge the very nature of Western medicine, unconventional doctors like the well-known Patch Adams become American heroes. Dr. John Graham-Pole, who has a conventional medical degree and specializes in chronic and terminal illness, is such a doctor. He has sought to humanize the care of patients by introducing the arts - music, dance, painting, theater, writing, puppetry, clowning, and magic - into the hospital setting. In this volume, inspiring stories illustrate how patients engaging in the arts respond better to physical setbacks, are more adept at expressing their emotions, and find more spiritual peace in the midst of their illness. "

Patch Adams, the Movie, Starring Robin Williams

Reviews of Patch Adams the movie:

Healing Arts
Episode from The Doctor Is IN television series. 28 min.

"Art has been used over the centuries to help people accept a medical condition they cannot change, or find some spiritual lift during difficult times. But increasingly, they're also being used in a scientifically ordered manner to improve health in specific ways. Studies have shown that arts can reduce pain, improve the health of pre-term babies, decrease the severity of headaches and improve the speech of people who have had strokes. This show profiles some examples, including a dance that evolved out of dealing with AIDS, murals in a children's cancer clinic, Dr. Patch Adams, a physician who is also a professional clown, music therapy for autistic children and a woman with manic depressive illness who uses painting as therapy."
The Real Patch Adams -- documentary video

"This program intricately details medical doctor Patch Adams' life and unconventional medical philosophy. Commentary by Adams' supporters, social activists, and others who talk about their experiences and philosophy is equally telling. An excellent program to circulate with the popular movie, this might also find a spot in medical and nursing schools." -- Booklist

We have no way to forward e-mail
to Patch Adams or the Gesundheit Institute

For more information about Gesundheit Institute, please contact: Patch Adams, MD, Gesundheit Institute, 6855 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22213, 703/525-8169, or volunteer coordinator Kathy Blomquist, Gesundheit Institute, HC 64, Box 167, Hillsboro, WV 24946, 304/653-4338.

How would you like a stronger immune system or better sleep? Action between the sheets can help you get all of this and more.

Red, itchy, and scaly skin? Discover common skin conditions like psoriasis, rashes, and more in the collection of medical photos.

The brain. The body. The bedroom. How much do you know about sex, love, and the human body?

Lose weight without dieting! Live better and be healthier with these quick nutritional tips from the experts.

Dr. Gesundheit graduated from the UNIV NACL AUTO DE MEXICO, FAC DE MED, MEXICO DF, MEXICO in 1966. He works in Saint Paul, MN and specializes in Internal Medicine. Dr. Gesundheit is affiliated with Regions Hospital. He speaks English and Spanish.

Gender: Male

Years in Practice: 52 Years

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Medical School: graduated from the UNIV NACL AUTO DE MEXICO, FAC DE MED, MEXICO DF, MEXICO

Graduation Date: in 1966.

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  • Ally Training Course
  • Peer Group & Events
  • New weekly content
  • Awareness tools and fundraising page
  • Giveaways and member perks
  • Drawings for gear & gift certificates

By becoming a part of the community, you agree to uphold our core values of personal responsibility, community and advocacy.

  • Every person has a responsibility for their own mental health.
  • No one should feel alone in their mental health journey.
  • A person is not defined by their diagnosis and should be treated as an individual.
  • It's important to speak up when you need support or see someone who does.
  • Non-stigmatizing, respectful language is essential in communicating about mental health.
  • Everyone deserves equal access to the care they need.

Enriching the Framework by integrating EU Regulations and New York State Requirements

HITRUST 2018 is now open for registration.

Want to learn how organizations are leveraging HITRUST programs? Join our complimentary webinar on Wednesday, May 9, to learn more.

Organizations of any kind can benefit from the HITRUST CSF – a scalable, prescriptive and certifiable framework. The MyCSF tool provides organizations of all types and sizes with a secure, web-based solution for accessing the HITRUST CSF, performing assessments and managing compliance. HITRUST Academy educates individuals about information protection and utilization of the HITRUST CSF to manage risk. The HITRUST Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) is the most analyzing cyber threats and distributing actionable indicators (IOCs) that organizations of varying sizes and cyber security maturity can utilize to improve their cyber cyber threat sharing platform that automates the process of collecting and

What’s your organization’s priority when it comes to managing cybersecurity risk and demonstrating compliance? For many healthcare CISOs, the most urgent need is focusing on managing cyber threats and improving their own cyber resilience while also communicating the effectiveness of their information security program to various audiences – processes for which are significantly aided by the HITRUST CSF and CSF Assurance Program.

Business associates can streamline the compliance process and reduce costs with a standardized approach to performing assessments and reporting security controls by utilizing the MyCSF tool to perform a HITRUST CSF assessment and report once against multiple sets of requirements and to multiple entities. HITRUST Academy provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to utilize the HITRUST CSF and perform assessments as well as general knowledge and skills for protecting information.

You can begin reporting your information security posture to multiple healthcare industry partners using a standardized and user-friendly set of tools and methodologies in 5 easy steps.

Organizations of varying size and complexity can partner with HITRUST to provide trained resources to assess compliance with security control requirements, develop corrective action plans that align with the HITRUST CSF, and provide remediation for organizations looking to be fully compliant with the myriad of authoritative sources incorporated into the HITRUST CSF. These organizations are called CSF Assessors and have met certain criteria as well as completed courses to become Certified CSF Practitioners.

HITRUST Academy offers the only training courses designed to educate security professionals about information protection in any industry and the utilization of the HITRUST CSF to manage risk.

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, entitled Critical Infrastructure Protection: Additional Actions Are Essential for Assessing Cybersecurity Framework Adoption,[1] supports prior guidance that the NIST Cybersecurity Framework requires specific control requirements to effectively implement the Framework’s cybersecurity objectives. The report also “encourages the alignment of the NIST cybersecurity framework with existing cybersecurity guidelines currently…

dosierung von trental mups

Interview Sozialmagazin

Battke K, Michell-Auli P, Gassmann R, Schorb B, Hartung A, Bily T, Vollmar HC. "Altsein soll bis zum Ende Freude machen". Interview in: Sozialmagazin 5-6.2013 S.48-54.

Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung Nr. 28/2013

Fachtagung Sozialpharmazie in Düsseldorf

Interview Spektrum der Wissenschaft NEO

Die Welt im Jahr 2050 ("Ein neues Herz, bitte!")

Interview Zeit Online

Interview Südkurier

Wenn die Demenz Beifahrer ist (Artikel vom 9.2.2012 — nicht mehr online)

Interview beim AHA Labor - Kinder-Gesundheitskongress im Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe (gegen Ende des Beitrages)

Interview für kma Pflege 09/2011 (Seite: 12-14): Demenzversorgung 2030 - Weniger Heime, mehr Quartiere

Interview für Pflichtlektüre - das Studierendenmagazin der Universitäten Bochum, Dortmund und Duisburg-Essen (30.06.2010)

Erstmalig fand am 23.und 24. März 2017 ein Spitzentreffen aller 38 Repräsentanten der universitären allgemeinmedizinischen Einrichtungen statt. Die Klausurtagung im Schloß Rauischholzhausen hatte nicht nur wegen des traditionsreichen Tagungsortes eine historische Bedeutung: Im Mittelpunkt standen die Umsetzung der vom Gesetzgeber vorgegebenen Kompetenzzentren für die Weiterbildung in der Allgemeinmedizin sowie die Lehre unter dem Aspekt des Masterplans Medizinstudium 2020. Eingeladen hatte die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin (DEGAM) gemeinsam mit ihrer Stiftung, der Deutschen Stiftung für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin (DESAM), sowie der Gesellschaft für Hochschullehrer in der Allgemeinmedizin (GHA).

Vom 27.5.-28.5.2016 habe ich gemeinsam mit meinem Kollegen PD Dr. René Thyrian vom DZNE Rostock/Greifswald ein internationals Symposium im Geburtshaus von Alois Alzheimer in Marktbreit durchgeführt.

Referent bei der Veranstaltung "Zwischen Ökonomie und Menschlichkeit – Ein medizinethisches Symposium zum Umgang mit Demenz" an der Melanchthon-Akademie am 15.04.2016 in Köln.

Referent bei der Fachtagung "Demenz und Technik" der Landesinitiative Niedersachsen Generationengerechtes Altern (LINGA) am 3.12.2015 in Hannover. Näheres unter:

Teilnehmer beim 3. wissenschaftlichen Kongress "Familienmedizin in der hausärztlichen Versorgung der Zukunft" am 11.11.2015 in Düsseldorf. Näheres unter:

Teilnehmer beim Jahrestreffen des "Netzwerk Zukunftsforschung" vom 12.10.-13.10.2015 an der Freien Universität Berlin

Referent beim Bürgerdialog Gesundheit des Deutschen Netzwerks für Versorgungsforschung, 9.10.2015 in Berlin. Thema: Gesundheits-Apps - Chancen, Risiken und offene Fragen aus Sicht der Ärztinnen und Ärzte

Juli-August 2015: Teilnehmer am Programm "Care for Chronic Condition" unterstützt durch g-plus - Zentrum im Gesundheitswesen und gefördert durch die Robert-Bosch Stiftung.

Redner beim 10-jährigen Jubiläum der Alzheimer-Gesellschaft Vest Recklinghause e.V. am 18.4.2015:

2. Treffen des Experten-Beirates für das Projekt SONIA (Soziale Inklusion durch technikgestützte Kommunikationsangebote im Stadt-Land-Vergleich) im Januar 2015 in Stuttgart.

Referent beim 2. St. Galler Demenzkongress im November 2014.

Keynote-Speaker bei der Abschlussveranstaltung des BMBF geförderten Projektes KoAlFa – Koproduktion im Welfare Mix der Altenarbeit und Familienhilfe an der Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena im Oktober 2014. Anschließend Podiumsdiskussion u.a. mit dem Bürgermeister von Jena Frank Schenker.

Lunch-Talk beim "Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung (IZT)" im Oktober 2014 mit dem Titel: "Szenariotechnik in der Entwicklung von Gesundheitssystemen"

Teilnehmer beim Jahrestreffen des "Netzwerk Zukunftsforschung" vom 7.10.-8.10.2014 im Rotonda Business-Club, Köln

Vortragender beim 2. Kärntner Demenzforum am 26.09.2014 in Seeboden:

Teilnahme am Verknüpfungs-Workshop (Februar 2014) im Rahmen des Foresight-Zyklus 2 des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), durchgeführt durch das Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI)

1. Treffen des Experten-Beirates für das Projekt SONIA (Soziale Inklusion durch technikgestützte Kommunikationsangebote im Stadt-Land-Vergleich) im Januar 2014 in Stuttgart.